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analysis of events in Kazakhstan government change Askar Mamin astrological analysis

      I propose today to make a deep analysis of the situation in Kazakhstan and at the same time I will teach you how to analyze and predict the future of the country

      On February 21, 2019, the President of Kazakhstan dismissed the government of Sagintayev

      let's look at the map of Kazakhstan to start looking here

     to watch the news of Kazakhstan you need to click on the button

enter the date of the change of government

and see the following interpretations

  • violation of the natural functions of government
  • not profitable for bureaucracy
  • Shame on the government
  • political conspiracy against the ruler
  • bad time for dictators.

      Thus, to the horoscope of the country on the day of the change of government there is an indication of the Problems in the Government

     Now I propose to consider the map of Nursultan Nazarbayev. Look here for February 21

  • the servants and ministers will leave him
  • status growth
  • a chance to make a non-sighted decision

Also, when analyzing the date from the future Nursultan Nazarbayev, a picture is created that his state of health began to deteriorate sharply and this decision was dictated, including by prospects for the future)))

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     I propose to proceed to the analysis of the horoscope Bakhytzhan Abdirovich Sagintayev

birth card see here also describes the day at the time of resignation

be punished in the office
employers may discourage you at this time
may lose work
     From the above, we clearly see that the top official was EXTREMELY dissatisfied with the previous minister on the day of his resignation, but Askar Uzakpaevich Mamin's birth card, here, shows us

all efforts will succeed
get honorary titles
Try to maintain harmonious and submissive relations and relations with the authorities and persons in power and authority.

     Thus, each of you can analyze both your life and know what awaits his country, as well as the highest officials. Podstvte here Russia Ukraine or France and any other camp, and voila you know what will happen
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